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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Zantac lawsuit part of a class action suit?

Levy and Partners and Mac Legal are part of multi-district litigation that represents Zantac cancer victims. Not a class action suit, multi-district litigation speeds up litigation for victims who got cancer from Zantac.

Multidistrict litigation is a special procedure that lets judges bundle sprawling, complex lawsuits and assign them to a single judge for pretrial matters. This means that we will do everything in our power to make sure you receive your entitled compensation if you qualify.

What types of cancer does Zantac cause?

The link between Zantac and cancer goes back decades. Our firm represents people from across the country with the following Zantac side effects:

• Bladder cancer

• Brain cancer

• Breast cancer

• Esophageal/nasal/throat cancer

• Intestinal cancer

• Kidney cancer

• Liver cancer

• Lung cancer (for non-smokers)

• Ovarian cancer

• Pancreatic cancer

• Prostate cancer

• Stomach cancer

• Testicular cancer

• Thyroid cancer

• Uterine cancer

Other ranitidine Zantac side effects include headaches, abdominal discomfort, nausea and vomiting.

How do I know if Zantac caused my cancer?

The FDA reported the over-the-counter and prescription medication Zantac ( ranitidine) contains N-nitrosodimethylamine a cancer causing chemical when exposed to heat for even limited time, such as in a delivery truck. Symptoms of exposure may include: fever, nausea, vomiting, jaundice, dizziness and/or cramping.

What is the average settlement for Zantac Lawsuit?

The standard legal fee for plaintiffs’ attorneys is 40% plus expenses. (In mass tort cases like Zantac with thousands of plaintiffs, “expenses” tend to be minimal.) So if a plaintiff gets a $500,000 settlement, the plaintiff can expect to receive close to $300,000 (60% of the total).

Who do I qualify for the Zantac Lawsuit?
  1. Prescription records from your doctor;
  2. Pharmacy prescription records;
  3. Prescription bottles or packaging; and.
  4. Purchase receipts.
What are common Zantac Brands?

• Zantac 150 Tablets

• Zantac 150 Maximum Strength

• Zantac 150 Maximum Strength Cool Mint

• Zantac 75 Tablets

• Wal-Zan 150

• Wal-Zan 75

• Heartburn Relief (ranitidine)

• Acid Reducer (ranitidine)

• Acid Control (ranitidine)

What do I do if I believe Zantac caused my cancer?

Speak to an experienced attorney, preferably one who was there from the beginning. Someone who is knowledgeable and will put your needs first. 

Like we mentioned before we were the original Zantac Lawyers. We filed the first lawsuit and we will be the ones who see it through. 

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